The Calmer Llama way to attaining peace and harmony with your school’s website

Your school is a brand. It reflects, projects and promotes the standards and aspirations of your school, your staff and your pupils; your website should achieve these goals too.

As a speciality, Calmer Llama provides a painless solution to your requirement for a professional looking, functional and useful school website. Our experience and attention to detail allows us to design and build websites that deliver – within budget and on time.

We offer a range of structured websites that are specifically tailored to the needs of primary schools. Aimed at taking the stress out of setting up or reinvigorating your school’s site, Calmer Llama will guide you through the whole process. We will provide help and advice along the way so that your site will be ready, functional, easy to use and Ofsted compliant from day one*.


How it works

  • 1
    We come and see you to discuss your requirements in a free consultation.
  • 2
    Design & Build
    We create your site and populate it with all the necessary information.
  • 3
    We remain at your service for ongoing updates, training, help and support.

To keep it simple, we offer three packages that a purely based on the size of your school. You just need to decide on the amount of traffic you wish to accommodate and the volume of storage space you will need.

Amount of storage and bandwith calculations are based on fair usage per user, pupils per school, traffic analysis and storage space requirement per site. Storage or bandwidth can be upgraded if your school is a heavy user or requires a very proactive site.

Example designs

Regardless of which package you choose, the design and layout of your website can be customised to fit with your school’s corporate identity. Pick from a selection of site templates that can then be modified with your school colours and a variety of content and layout arrangements.

More information

* The site provided conforms to Ofsted guidelines but full compliancy will ultimately depend on you providing us with the necessary content. We know what this needs be be and will provide guidance.